Have you attended an open house before? Attending open houses are a huge way to help you find your dream home by narrowing down your search to the right location or style of home. They are also helpful when you are selling, as you get vital feedback from agents, buyers, and even neighbors! In this episode we chat with tri-lingual Tatjana Cadelina and Karen Cooper about the reason we go to and put on open houses!



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Today we are discussing why open houses are important for buyers, and for sellers.

Tatjana has had experience working with buyers, and with sellers doing open houses, so she wants to share from both perspectives why they are so important! 

Especially with a first time home buyer, open houses are very important.

Do you want a condo? A town home? Single Family Home? In order to understand the layout of a home, and to really picture yourself in that home, you have to see the inside! Going to an open house also helps with what location you are deciding on. When you actually go out to see the home, you can drive around the neighborhood, see how far the nearest grocery store is, and maybe even meet some of your neighbors! As a buyer, open houses are helpful for finding a great agent as well. 

If you are relocating, open houses are essential, because you might not realize how far away things are until you are here driving the route for yourself.

Tatjana recently had a client who was looking at several different locations in the area, all 20-30 minutes from each other. Attending open houses on the weekend, with no traffic stress, helped them find the right location and the right kind of home they wanted to buy.

This is such a vast area with so many different locations and prices fluctuate depending on where you live.

If your budget is 400,000 you could easily buy a town home, single family home, or a condo in that price range here in Northern Virginia. It can seem very overwhelming, and open houses on the weekends are a great start in your journey towards the perfect home.

When you are selling your home, open houses not only show the home to potential buyers, but agents as well.

Showing your home to agents helps because they are probably connected to a few buyers looking for a home, and because they will give you helpful feedback as well. You can also do a different kind of an open house, called a broker's open, which invites agents to come through the home and give helpful advice, and also look at the home for potential buyers.

You could get a few neighbors to come through the home as well!

The reason we love having neighbors come through the home is because who wouldn't want to handpick their next neighbor? Neighbors not only provide helpful advice, but they can also think of people they know who might want to move into your home.

In conclusion, open houses are a great idea! 

Our expert for today is Tatjana Cadelina, who speaks 3 languages: English, Russian and German. She was born in Russia, moved to Germany when she was 10, and then moved to America when she was 23 years old. Tatjana has helped German speaking clients, and is part of a Facebook group called "The Northern Virginia Germans." If you would like to reach Tatjana, you can find her information on her page HERE.