You are looking and looking and looking, but every time you find that PERFECT home, it slips out of your fingers! Today we are chatting about WHERE to look for homes with Ariana Gillette, a german shepherd lover, teacher benefactor, and PTA queen!


Along with helping everyone she seems to meet, she also sells homes and is good at it too! Jump on today's podcast to hear about how NOT to miss out on your perfect home, by looking in all the right places.



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Ariana is very active in her community, as you could hear from the podcast! She also has twins and has been married for 15 years. Here she is with her kids and husband at a NATS game.



Her biggest role in the community is the PTA acting president! She works hard to make sure the kids at Trailside Middle School have a fighting chance at reaching their full potential. The PTA's mission statement is to "Promote the education, health, and welfare of the Trailside Students while promoting social responsibility, inclusion, and involvement of everyone in the Trailside Community."



Our team member Ariana is a German Shepherd advocate. She has adopted 3 german shepherds, named Lambert, Lexi and Nala. So cute! 





Dogs are a big part of Ariana's life, and she wants them to be a part of yours as well. If you buy or sell through her "rescues and realtors" program, Ariana will give $500 to an animal charity of your choice!! You can check out her page HERE



Teachers have the most important job in the world: to educate and care for the next generation! Ariana believes this with her whole heart. She helped create "Teachers' Home Benefits" which helps LCPS employees live where they work by offering cash back, grants, discounts & incentives when utilizing her group's customized home buying and selling benefits package.





If you are a teacher or you know someone who is, click this link to check the package out! 



You can also find Ariana very active on YELP! Ariana likes to leave reviews on YELP to help out local businesses, and help you know where to find good service and food. However, people like to leave reviews for her as well, so check her out on YELP to see what others are saying about her service:


If you would like to reach Ariana, you can click HERE to find her on Facebook!


Tune in Next week to hear our Platinum team member Caitlyn talk with Karen about whether building a home can be cheaper than buying.


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