Have you ever wondered what a realtor can negotiate for you? Today we dive into the specifics of what a GREAT realtor can and should negotiate for you when you are buying or selling a home. If a realtor doesn’t know how to do this, you might want to reconsider hiring them! Today Karen interviews Platinum Group member Joy Fletcher, a veteran real estate agent, and new member of our team. We love her professionalism, and wonderful Kentucky Accent.  Listen in!



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Meet: Joy Fletcher, originally from Louisville, Kentucky.


Twenty-five years ago, Joy Fletcher moved here to work for GE Appliances, selling to all the builders in Virginia. Joy lovingly calls Northern Virginia her home now. After working with builders, she started her own business rehabbing, flipping and building homes to sell. She actually owns and manages 6 rental homes right now. When she considered being a full time agent, she originally was doing it so she could buy and sell her own rental homes. Now she has started doing it for others as well, and she loves it! 


Here is the before and after of one of her rehab projects! 


In this podcast, Joy and Karen discuss the different factors to consider when you are thinking of writing an offer on a home, and negotiations that can be possible. 

She has to know the market she's in.

What do things look like in the season you are in, or what will they look like in the season you will be buying in? Right now, in October, it is a seller's market. Inventory is low, and so there are multiple offers on homes. Joy knows she has to be prepared by knowing her numbers, and getting her buyers ready to move quickly when they find the right house.

She gets to know..you!

She needs to know if you are a first time home buyer, if you're looking for a forever home, or if you are an investor. What are your motivations, desires and needs. This will all come in handy when she is considering writing the offer and what negotiations will play out.

She gets to know the seller's motivation.

Joy takes time to get to know the seller's story and situation. Karen mentioned a story where she received an offer on a home she was selling, without ever talking to that agent. By never giving her a call, the agent did not know what the seller's needs were, therefore writing a blind offer! Sometimes the settlement date is more important to a seller than the price.. if you offer to move in earlier, or do a rent back, you can better negotiate the price! 

When considering price, Joy studies the home you are interested in, the market, comparable homes, and tries to think like an appraiser.

Sometimes Joy has even went to visit other homes in that neighborhood, to see how they look compared to the home you like. By studying the home like she is an appraiser, she can put the right offer, negotiate the best price, and have no surprises when the home is appraised.

In conclusion, she takes the time and effort to study you, the seller, and the home so when she's negotiating, she is prepared and ready to work out the best deal for you. If you would like to reach Joy, you can email her at Joy@platinumgroup.com or call/text her at 5402951419. You can also check out her Facebook page HERE.

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