Don't worry, we don't want you to be homeless either! In this podcast we chat about the timeline of when you are buying AND selling your home. What should you be thinking about when its not just one major transaction, but two! Carrie Pellegrino joins us today. We love Carrie's gentle enthusiasm as she helps her clients make the big move. Carrie is also an Odyssey of the Mind coach...listen in to find out what that is!



If you are growing out of your current home, or you are ready to downsize and move on, and you have those two transactions to do, listen in to Carrie’s tips!



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Our gal Carrie behind the tips is an incredible lady! She is originally from upstate New York and used to be an elementary teacher. (We love it because teachers and nurses make the best realtors, with their nurturing hearts!) Even though she now sells houses as her main profession, she loves to teach her daughter’s team for Odysee of the Mind. Curious to what that is? You should be! Its an international program where kids compete in several different categories, the main one being a play that they create, direct and perform! The coach is really just there to teach new skills, and so it really shows the kids talents and passions!




If are interested to learn more about Odysee of the Mind, click HERE. There is a "Loudoun Chapter" which Carrie is a part of, if you want to join, click HERE!


You can reach Carrie by emailing her at, for any real estate, or Odysee of the mind questions!


Tune in next week as we discuss the “10 Steps to Selling Your Home” with Jodi Hooper...along with some of her favorite wine tips! 


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