Meet Vicky Noufal, co-owner of the Platinum Group!



Million dollar homes bring a different level of marketing to the table. It’s not just about professional staging, things have to look perfect, smell perfect, feel perfect! Vicky Noufal, co-owner of the Platinum group, shares not only her expertise, but what selling homes means personally to her. Join us!



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Vicky grew up in Lebanon. Until she was 8 years old, her family struggled with the war raging on around them. Nothing was normal at that time. There were weeks at a time that school was on, and then weeks where school was off again. When she moved to America, it quickly became her home. She has been in Northern Virginia ever since she moved, and has loved every minute of it! 

Moving people into homes is a passion of Vicky's. Coming from a childhood where "home" was unstable, she loves creating that stability for her clients. 

She specializes in selling luxury homes in Northern Virginia. When you are at a higher price point, buyers are expecting a lot, and for good reason! Things need to be perfect, down to every detail. Vicky's formula for selling luxury homes consists of the 3 Ps, presentation, promotion and price. In the podcast, she explains what each one means and why they are each so important.


If you would like to learn more about Vicky's strategy and expertise, you can contact her on our website HERE, or through her Facebook page Vicky Noufal - I Love Leesburg Real Estate.


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