Can it? Today we chat with Caitlin Ellis, who not only helps people buy new construction, but has built three homes herself in the last 5 years! She shares her top tips for the listeners who are looking to save money when buying new construction. Caitlin is a mom to an adorable 3 year old, and fights to have a healthy work life balance so she can spend time with her, and also serve her clients well. She just made 3rd within the top real estate agents in our brokerage year to date.. so she seems to be doing well!



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If you listened in, than you know Caitlin mentioned her most trusted contractor, Monumental Construction. They have done awesome work for Caitlin, so we wanted to share their information with you on the blog! If you want to reach them you can email or call them at, 703-956-0220.

Monumental Construction does a variety of things including bla, bla and bla. 


Caitlin is passionate about her daughter getting her mommy time, so she is strict about her 9-5PM schedule of work, then its dinner and mommy time until bed! I'd feel the same way with such an adorable daughter!!



As mentioned in the podcast, Caitlin has built 3 homes in the past 5 years. This is her latest home, that she and her husband built the most recently. They took a little extra time on this one, since this is their forever home. So beautiful!



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Tune in next week to hear from a special guest on our team, Melissa Oliver, our Director of Operations for the Platinum Team.