For all engaged couples out there, who are also looking to buy a home(or maybe sell a home) at the same time as planning a wedding, this podcast is for you! Arianne Ghiravi recently married and moved into a new home. So much change in a short time brings on a lot of pressure, and Arianne has a few tips for those of you facing the same journey! Listen in as she gives her top tips and struggles over the last year. 



Finding the right people changes the game. 

One of the biggest similarities Arianne first points out is that finding the right people can affect both experiences tremendously. Just like finding a great wedding planner can make or break your wedding season, so does finding a good realtor. When you find someone you can trust with quick changes, small details, and big financial decisions, things go a lot smoother!

When she found the right wedding planner, she was connected to all the right people after that. 

Through her wedding planner, she was connected to the right caterer, florist and a myriad of other people that ran her wedding smoothly. The same is true for getting the right realtor! Once you find the right person with the right connections, buying, building, or selling can be so much easier. 

Expectations matter. 

When you are buying a home, or getting married, both come with life long expectations. During both journeys, there may come a time when you realize the budget doesn't match those expectations! Arianne realized that she had a picture in her head of how her table settings would look, and realized that ultimately, no one would remember the table settings. It just wasn't as important as some of the other things on her special day. Its wise for engaged couples to sit down with their partner beforehand, and make a list of must haves, not only for the wedding, but also for the home they desire to buy. 

One difference between a wedding and buying a house is the time spent in it! 

A wedding is only one day, when you buy a home you can change things over time. So don't stress too much over things that can be changed later. For Example, painting makes a huge impact on the home, so do that right, but countertops can be changed out over time!

Arianne has one regret from her wedding.

Not having a videographer! Having a good photographer is crucial, but when you have a videographer, it captures moments that you can replay over and over again. 

Go on a honeymoon!

After planning a wedding, moving, selling, buying and all the rest of the adventure that comes with getting married and the change that comes with it, you need to rest! Her biggest tip: allow yourself time to rest... the boxes will get unpacked, even if it takes more time than you want it to. 

Agree on a budget. And don't BUDGE!

Once you understand your budget, then you can get your priorities straight. No one likes arguing over last minute things. With the extra stress of planning a wedding, make sure you sit down and agree with each other over both the wedding must haves and the home must haves. 

Don't go crazy with the credit cards!

The last thing a lender needs is seeing a high debt to income ratio especially when you are trying to buy a home! Try as hard as you can not to go into debt and end up messing up your perfect home by having credit card debt and getting rejected on a loan.

Overall, talk to your partner, find great people who know the business better than you do, have realistic expectations, and stick to your budget! 

Below are a few pictures of Arianne on her wedding day. Arianne also loves horses! She tries to visit her horses during the week for a spontaneous ride, or to simply to say "hello". She has been riding for many years, if you have any horse related questions don't hesitate to reach out! You can find her information clicking HERE.






Tune in next week to chat with Roxanna Urban, who recently sold her own home and talks about the benefits of selling from an agent's perspective.