Introducing our Content Creator, Walter Cudrado: the only man on our 32 women team. Keeping up with the women is an adventure, and he is up to the task! Listen in as Karen and Walter talk about the importance of video, pictures and social media in the world of real estate. 



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Video and social media have such a vital role in real estate.

Right now "picturing" yourself with things that you are trying to buy is such a huge part of marketing. Walter's role is to create a portal, for you to walk through into our homes that we are selling and the homes we are helping you buy so you can feel what its like to be there. He goes on to say that if he does his job right, it should move you off of your comfy couch (where you most likely are buying everything these days) and come see our home in person!


Social Media is the new newspaper!

When Karen started in real estate, marketing was dominated through print media, and newspapers. Now, years later, social media has taken over the marketing world. We have to come up with fresh new ways to capture people's attention, and that is exactly what Walter does! 


How does a "content creator" help you?

Walter has a special degree, from Savannah College of Art and Design. He graduated from the Atlanta campus (Atlanta produced one of the biggest new tv shows of the last few years, "Stranger Things") and he mentions how tough it was going through their program. As our Content Creator, Walter helps you by creating pictures and videos of all the homes we sell, so that as a buyer you can picture yourself inside the home. It also helps our sellers by creating a unique and new way of marketing to get people into the homes that we sell! 


Touch back with us next week as we chat with Arianne, who just spent the last year planning a wedding and buying a home!