Meet Melissa, our Director of Operations!



Today we chat with a special guest, Melissa Oliver, who is our Director of Operations for the Platinum Group. Melissa handles so much for our team, and makes each and every transaction smoother and easier not only for our clients, but for our agents as well, so they can do their job even better. Join us as Melissa and Karen chat about the importance of smooth transaction management. 



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Melissa's first words when we hired her were "You won't regret it" and we never have! She plans events, helps create what to send out to clients and friends, manages transactions, and supports our agents. At first, it was hard for Karen to hand out her work, wanting her clients to be taken care of perfectly, but it did not take long for Melissa to catch on, and serve our clients above and beyond!



We actually have a team of administrative ladies who work full time to make sure you have a good experience when selling or buying, as well as help you with doing things efficiently.



We can't finish the podcast without sharing this amazing thing about Melissa: she used to be an open water lifeguard. You have to be a strong swimmer to do that, and Melissa was the state swim champion in the late 90s! She was actually featured on the 1996 issue of PEOPLE magazine. 



She continued to swim in college, getting a full ride to swim at a division one school. As Karen mentioned in the podcast, we all feel safer when she goes to the beach with the team on our annual fall retreat together! 


Next week we talk with co-leader of the Platinum Team, Vicky Noufal. She will chat about how to market a luxury home!