Today we are chatting with Jodi Hooper, who shares her top 10 steps to selling a home!



Jodi Hooper continues our September podcasts by giving us a 10 STEP guide to selling your home. Listen into this podcast to get great tips that will help you prepare your home, and sell it for top price. Jodi has been in real estate for 15 years, and has the tips to prove it. We also love learning a bit more about this wine educated lady who becomes best friends with her clients. (Maybe its because she's choosing such great wine!) Join us to find out! 



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If you would like to printout or download her 10 steps you can below! If you have a hard time viewing the document, you can also click this link:





Jodi has a few other tips up her sleeve as well! Our whole team loves to drink wine, but Jodi not only drinks wine, but knows a lot about it! When she was a teenager she worked on a vineyard, picking, tying, suckering… otherwise known as the laboring work of a grape caretaker! The vineyard she worked on as a young woman is also now owned by a realtor, Ray Emery. Emery Vineyards is a family owned grape producer in Western New York. If you want to check out his Facebook page you can HERE



Jodi also had her own vineyard for 6 years, and told us that working at a vineyard when she was younger really helped her take good care of her grapes. Look at this beautiful property!



She also used to be a part owner in a winery, along with selling to local vineyards from her beautiful land above. Just for the fun of it, (and for the wine!) we went out to Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville to record a few of her wine tips. Check out the video!



With all her wine knowledge she also helped a client purchase land for his dream - to own a vineyard, which has now become a reality! Take a look at Bozzo Family Vineyards. You can check out his winery at his Facebook page HERE.



If you want to join Jodi for wine, or go out and see houses you can reach her at 


Join us next week to learn more about Platinum team member, Ariana Gillette. She is very active in real estate and in her community and shares her tips about where you should be searching for homes!


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