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Sept. 17, 2019

10 Steps to Selling Your Home


Today we are chatting with Jodi Hooper, who shares her top 10 steps to selling a home!



Jodi Hooper continues our September podcasts by giving us a 10 STEP guide to selling your home. Listen into this podcast to get great tips that will help you prepare your home, and sell it for top price. Jodi has been in real estate for 15 years, and has the tips to prove it. We also love learning a bit more about this wine educated lady who becomes best friends with her clients. (Maybe its because she's choosing such great wine!) Join us to find out! 



Listen here on the blog or for free on Apple podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify. 


If you would like to printout or download her 10 steps you can below! If you have a hard time viewing the document, you can also click this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzhhc1JSONEYRXQ3cnVJeG5WMTk1OUljYkJidVFxYWphNXRz/view?usp=sharing





Jodi has a few other tips up her sleeve as well! Our whole team loves to drink wine, but Jodi not only drinks wine, but knows a lot about it! When she was a teenager she worked on a vineyard, picking, tying, suckering… otherwise known as the laboring work of a grape caretaker! The vineyard she worked on as a young woman is also now owned by a realtor, Ray Emery. Emery Vineyards is a family owned grape producer in Western New York. If you want to check out his Facebook page you can HERE



Jodi also had her own vineyard for 6 years, and told us that working at a vineyard when she was younger really helped her take good care of her grapes. Look at this beautiful property!



She also used to be a part owner in a winery, along with selling to local vineyards from her beautiful land above. Just for the fun of it, (and for the wine!) we went out to Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville to record a few of her wine tips. Check out the video!



With all her wine knowledge she also helped a client purchase land for his dream - to own a vineyard, which has now become a reality! Take a look at Bozzo Family Vineyards. You can check out his winery at his Facebook page HERE.



If you want to join Jodi for wine, or go out and see houses you can reach her at Jodisellsva@gmail.com. 


Join us next week to learn more about Platinum team member, Ariana Gillette. She is very active in real estate and in her community and shares her tips about where you should be searching for homes!


If you would like to ask a question or have any comments about this post, don't hesitate to chat with us on our website, look to the bottom right of this blog! 



Sept. 10, 2019

I have a House to Sell Before I Can Buy, What is My First Step?


Don't worry, we don't want you to be homeless either! In this podcast we chat about the timeline of when you are buying AND selling your home. What should you be thinking about when its not just one major transaction, but two! Carrie Pellegrino joins us today. We love Carrie's gentle enthusiasm as she helps her clients make the big move. Carrie is also an Odyssey of the Mind coach...listen in to find out what that is!



If you are growing out of your current home, or you are ready to downsize and move on, and you have those two transactions to do, listen in to Carrie’s tips!



You can listen here on the podcast, or for FREE on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Spotify!


Our gal Carrie behind the tips is an incredible lady! She is originally from upstate New York and used to be an elementary teacher. (We love it because teachers and nurses make the best realtors, with their nurturing hearts!) Even though she now sells houses as her main profession, she loves to teach her daughter’s team for Odysee of the Mind. Curious to what that is? You should be! Its an international program where kids compete in several different categories, the main one being a play that they create, direct and perform! The coach is really just there to teach new skills, and so it really shows the kids talents and passions!




If are interested to learn more about Odysee of the Mind, click HERE. There is a "Loudoun Chapter" which Carrie is a part of, if you want to join, click HERE!


You can reach Carrie by emailing her at carrie@lovethespace.com, for any real estate, or Odysee of the mind questions!


Tune in next week as we discuss the “10 Steps to Selling Your Home” with Jodi Hooper...along with some of her favorite wine tips! 


As always, reach out to us on Facebook if you want a specific question answered!



Sept. 3, 2019

How Can Facebook Help Sell My Home?


Today we are chatting with Leigh Anne Monk. She has been in real estate for many years, but only very recently adopted a teen daughter from the foster system! We love her professionalism and encouragement in our team. 



We are chatting about how Facebook can help sell your home, what that looks like, and why it's important to have an agent well versed in this technology. Gone are the days of buyers looking in the newspaper for a new home! Listen in as we chat about how Facebook can help sell your home. 


You can listen below, or for FREE on Itunes, Google Play and Spotify! 



As mentioned earlier, Leigh Anne is actually a new mom to a 13 year old adorable daughter. If you listened and you wanted to read her whole story, you can read at the end of this blog post. Her husband, Brett, is also an amazing videographer! They use both their talents to sell beautiful homes by not only taking pictures of the homes, but videos as well! Check out this LINK if you want to see some of the video they capture! 



If you would like to reach Leigh Anne, you can email her at LAsellsVA@gmail.com, or by giving her a call at 7039632394.


We loved creating this podcast for you to listen to! If you have any more questions about Facebook, please leave a comment or reach out to us on Facebook! 



Are you a little stuck wondering where to even start when you have a house to sell and to buy? Next week we chat with Carrie Pellegrino. Don't forget to tune in next week on our blog! 


You can read about the Monk family's whole story below! If you are considering adoption, don't hesitate to reach out to Leigh Anne about that as well.


Aug. 27, 2019

Should You Buy or Rent?


Today we are chatting with Platinum Group member Robin Gebhardt.



Are you considering whether you should continue your lease, or making the BIG investment to buy a home? It can seem overwhelming, how do you get unstuck?

Click play below, and leave a comment if you have any additional questions. Its time to demystify the idea of buying a home, it might be the best decision you make this year!



You can also listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.


Here at the Platinum Group we love Robin's patience and understanding with everyone she meets. She claims her warm attitude and patience in high stress situations comes from working in the restaurant business! 



Along with Robin's warm personality she is a great planner! Do you live in Mountain Valley in Round Hill? Robin throws an annual Meet and Greet party every year. Giving any new neighbors an opportunity to meet one another. If you live in the this area you are invited to come, just reach out to Robin and ask for an invitation!


Why would you want to go? For the DJ, face painting, food trucks, firetruck and FUN! 






One of the reason's Robin plans this get together is so she can meet neighbors who turn into friends! 



You can reach Robin by emailing her at robin.gebhardt@pearsonsmithrealty.com or by reaching out by phone(text or call!) 5714209535. 


Check our blog next week to hear about how Facebook can help SELL your home! We are chatting with new mom Leigh Anne Monk, who recently adopted from the foster system. You won't want to miss out on her story, and her advice about Facebook! 





Aug. 20, 2019

When Should I sell my home?


Today we chatted with Beth Lam, discussing the best SEASON to sell your home. She really has some great tips and things to think about. As a bonus, we also talk about misconceptions many renters have when they are looking into buying. You would be surprised how much mortgage lending has changed in the last several years...to make it more attainable to buy! Do you think you need 20% down to buy? Think again!



So what season is best to sell your home? It might be a bit more complicated than one season depending on what your situation is, so listen in to hear a few great tips!



You can also listen in for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play!


Tune in next week to hear from Robin Gebhardt, talking about the time to buy, versus the time to rent.


Aug. 13, 2019

How long is the home buying process?


Today we are chatting with Platinum group member, Chrisie Pekala.



Chrisie has been a full time realtor since 2012. Before entering the real estate world, Chrisie was a licensed teacher prior to becoming a full time Realtor. She has 3 kids, and will be married for 28 years in October.



She also adopted one of our now favorite mascots for our team, Tyson. <3



Today Karen and Chrisie talked about "How long is the home buying process?"


-What should you be prepared for

-Have you had good conversations with your house hunting partner?

-Have you created a list of must haves


If you aren't sure what you want quite yet, here is a free PDF to help you get started!


Listen in below! You can also listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play!



If you would like to get in contact with Chrisie, you can view her information on our website HERE. Due to being a teacher for many years, Chrisie is amazing with children during the home buying or selling process. She is patient, kind, and ready to help your kids find the perfect home as well!



More happy clients!



Tune in next week to chat with Platinum Group Member Beth Lam chatting about "When is the best time to sell your home?"

Aug. 6, 2019

Tips for Staging Your Home

Today we are chatting with our stylish Platinum group member, Mai Tang. She is originally from Richmond Virginia, has 3 kids and now lives in the popular South Riding/Aldie area. This episode Mai discusses some of her favorite staging tips. Below we wanted to show some of the photos of her beautiful home, to show a bit of her style and talent!



In this podcast we cover:

-Staging can be less expensive than you think!

-The "hassle" is worth it

-You aren't staging your perfect home, you're focused on the buyer's perfect home

-The benefits of Painting



You can play for FREE on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify.


Or listen here on the blog:



Her HOME is stunning! We love her modern, fresh look!






Mai also recently became a new DOG mom, and will be sharing photos of her adorable puppy on her Instagram @Doodlin_with_millie. Look how cute this puppy is!




I love the details she adds, making her home that much more interesting and inviting!



Such beautiful kids! 




Oh, and her office... LOVE the white desk and chair.



So listen in, and comment any staging questions you have for the lovely Mai Tang.


If you would like to follow or connect with Mai, you can find her on Instagram at these handles:




You can also find her contact information on our website HERE


Stay tuned for next Tuesday's podcast, our next topic we are discussing is "How long the home buying process is" and we will be chatting with Platinum Group Member, Chrisie Pekala.




July 30, 2019

Real Stories in Real Estate

We know better than most that buying or selling a home can be a long, scary and surprising process. We also know a lot of you out there start to look super early on, and you might not be ready to dive right into speaking with a realtor, so this podcast was created for you!

In this podcast we will cover:

  • Buying and Selling Tips
  • When is it time to buy, or should you continue to rent?
  • How long is the process from start to finish?
  • Biggest Myths in Real Estate..
  • And much MORE!

To listen to our TRAILER for our new podcast, just press play! Our first episode comes out on August 6th, so follow us on our Faebook Page to see the next blogpost, or listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify!



We will be interviewing Platinum team members who are top Northern Virginia real estate agents actively working with buyers and sellers in your market. In July, we will be interviewing Mai Tang, Chrisie Pekala, Beth Lam, and Robin Gebhardt! 

We want this blog to go hand in hand with our client care program, which sends monthly discounts and other gifts to prepare you for your big day. If you are a part of our client care program and that is how you found us, welcome!

If you would like to sign up to get free discounts, please feel free to reach out to Mikayla@goplatinumgroup.com. She looks forward to chatting with you about your home journey. 


Enjoy our podcast!



June 10, 2019

Coming Soon - Thomas Mill Road

This beautiful Victorian home is a replica of a home built in the 1800s in Monticello, GA! Want to check it out? Give us a call! 


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June 7, 2019

Donut Giveaway


Today is #NationalDonutDay! To celebrate, we are giving away a $10 gift card to @fracturedpruneleesburg! Here’s how to enter:
🍩Like our Facebook page
🍩Comment your favorite kind of donut!

We will be picking a winner at 3PM on Monday, June 10th!

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